Doug Thorpe is available for public speaking engagements. He has presented his seminars and open forums to thousands of participants and attendees since 2008. He offers several topics for selection:

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur; Make a Difference – Principles of entrepreneurship shared from Doug’s personal testimony watching his hard working single Mom start a business while he was still at home. Can you say scary?!?!?! But she did it and did it very well, thus launching Doug’s own heart for entrepreneurship.

Change Management: Why Most Companies Don’t Get It – business has been and always will be about change. Some companies have no methodology to implement change. Others have a program, but fail at it routinely. This presentation explores the valleys and turns of making change work.

S.T.R.I.V.E. for Job Search Success – informative and inspiring look at the process to build an effective job search effort. Provides introspective ideas for framing your career transition activities. People who have lost jobs or who are looking for better employment opportunities should hear this program. Get the FREE resource guide HERE

LinkedIn Masters Course – Popular seminar for professionals just getting started on social media. This event is focused on key principles that boost your web brand and give you a jump start for effectively using LinkedIn. Doug’s book by the same title and this program were featured in Fortune magazine in 2010. The updates are current and available for presentation.

In addition to the special programs and keynotes above, Doug Thorpe is a regular guest on BizTalk Radio “The Price of Business” with host Kevin Price