New Managers and Leaders

Anyone who has recently been promoted or hired to be a team leader or manager, but who has not had experience leading people can call HeadwayExec to receive expert coaching. Our team can give you highly confidential assistance.











We know it is hard for anyone to readily admit they need some help. You certainly would not tell your boss you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Why not reach out to an independent adviser for the help and information you need?

We can build a personalized program to answer your questions, share your situation, and give you solid, workable solutions. Empowered with this knowledge you can become a more effective leader in your organization. Whether you are managing up, down, or across the organization, our counsel and advice can grow your leadership effectiveness.

  • Do you have a leadership style?
  • Do employees trust you?
  • Does your boss know your true worth?
  • Are you a ‘go to’ individual?
  • Can you fix things?
  • Are you working smarter not harder?
  • Is your work-life-faith equation in balance?