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Executive Coach or Business Coach?

What’s the difference?

Business Coach

Entrepreneurs and business owners – You know the idea you have. You have a passion for the vision. But do you know all the details of running a successful business? Likely not.

Blindspots can emerge. There are so many things an owner may not know or think about, especially if the business has already started growing. 

A Business Coach can help you find the places you need to do something different.

New ideas you have stuck in your head need a sounding board to be heard. Rather than risking the information with your team or others, why not find a trusted advisor to be that sounding board?

These are just some of the things a Business Coach can do for you

Executive Coach

The business may be running pretty well, but your gut tells you there’s something more. You look in the mirror and realize you may have hit a plateau. 

An Executive Coach can help you raise the lid; expand your impact and influence. Whether the issue is team management, personal growth, or private family concerns, a coach can help.

The client-coach relationship becomes an integral part of personal and professional growth. The coach serves as the client’s personal advisor, helping explore your desire for a different long-term view of success.

People wanting to decide on establishing a life legacy can benefit from coaching as well.

The stakeholders you serve, whether business or family, deserve the best YOU! An Executive Coach can help you get there.


Executive Coaching – one-on-one personal growth and change for business leaders and managers by using our unique blend of business insights and coaching approach, seeking stakeholder feedback, accountability, and proactive guidance.

Mastermind Groups – working with peer teams either inside the company or outside, options are available. We bring small groups together for regular monthly facilitation and knowledge exchange. “Iron sharpens iron”, so we arrange these group sessions for executives to hear from others in comparable roles with similar resonsibilities.

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Advisory/Consulting Services– The professionals of HeadwayExec add their broad experience working with businesses of all types. Whether you are a start-up or a major leader in your industry, we can help with consulting/advisory services with a wide range of expertise. Our prior engagements have included:

  • change management
  • process improvement
  • sole proprietor strategic planning
  • succession planning
  • merger and acquisition
  • portfolio liquidation
  • PE/VC interim executive leadership (CXO roles)
Leadership – Grow your effectiveness and influence. Coaching provided by a Master Coach, someone with 30+ years of industry experience, frontline success, and entrepreneurial growth
People – Reliable, proven, forward-thinking ideas from which you can draw to grow your vision and inspire your team.
Productivity – Improve your organization’s overall productivity. Streamline process and procedure.
“Everything rises and falls on Leadership.” ~John Maxwell

Clients have included these industry Leaders

HeadwayExec is proud to claim the distinction of being a

Veteran Owned Small Business

as awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. We proudly wear this badge for having served when it was our time. Today, we continue to serve with the same spirit of Servant Leadership.